Levelgender or Expgender - a gender identity that expands the more you get to know the person who identifies with it.


Levelgender or Expgender is a gender identity that expands the more you get to know the person who identifies with it. The closer you are to one who identifies as this, the more comfortable they are with showing different presentations and gender identities around you.
(note: it’s different than being closeted; it’s based on comfort levels no matter the circumstances. one could be in a trans inclusive space and still feel the need to have gender presentations/identities “locked” until they’re around someone they’re close to)
For example, m0dem.0n is only comfortable identifying/presenting as a masculine agender person in public/around strangers, but presents and identifies as some form of genderfluid or genderflux around super close friends and partners.
They are not comfortable with people they aren’t close to seeing them in feminine ways no matter what, or using feminine words towards them, but are okay with close friends and partners seeing them as such if they are in that current mindset/presentation.

heliotrope pink = platonic & romantic relationships
violet = genderfluidity
lavender = androgyny/binary genders
white = lack of gender
green = nonbinary genders
yellow = trust
orange = boundaries
dark violet/blue & darkened colors = “locked” genders

★Frequently Asked Questions

Note: some of these are within the context of our tumblr blog.

Q: What is levelgender?A: See this page.
Q: Can I request an [edit, emoji, or variant] of levelgender?A: Check tumblr.
Q: Why is it called levelgender?A: This gender is called levelgender and/or expgender because it’s meant to allude to leveling up your friendship/relationship level with a person to access the other gender identities and presentations they have, similar to a video game with a relationship system. If you have other ideas for the name, please feel free to send them via ask (as long as you’re not rude about the original names)!
Q: Is levelgender a neurogender?A: It can be, depending on the person and how they view their fluctuating genders in relation to their relationships (as in, if they view them as being caused by/related to their neurodivergence or not).
Q: Is levelgender just making being closeted a gender?A: No, someone can be out as transgender or any other gender and also be levelgender. M0dem.0n is out as masc. transgender but is only comfortable with people they’re close to seeing them as their locked gender presentations and identities. It doesn’t mean they are closeted.
Q: What is a locked gender?A: Locked genders are the gender identities and presentations that people who identify as levelgender keep “locked” from strangers or people who aren’t close enough to them. They may reveal the gender(s) regardless of closeness (as in, for example, say they are levelgender & genderfluid publicly but disclose that only close friends are able to refer to them with pronouns that aren’t they/them or see them as anything but [insert gender here]), or may keep it hidden until one is close enough to them. We may make variant flags for openlevelgender and lockedlevelgender if they are asked for.
Q: [Something about gender identity, sexuality, or system discourse]A: we do not answer asks about discourse most of the time, unless I deem it relevant to any genders we’ve made, which will be rare.
Q: [Something mean spirited]A: I don’t care. I delete asks like this.
Q: [Something about this already existing/looking like (x) flag]A: We did this without looking at any other flags or identities. The colors came from our mind. The only intentional similarity is the three colors in the middle looking similar to the genderqueer flag, since we consider this under that umbrella, and even that was accidental. Otherwise, if it looks like any other flags or if it sounds similar to any other gender identities, it’s a coincidence. I also delete asks like this.

★Can I identify as Levelgender?

Q: I don’t believe systems/DID/OSDD are/is real.A: Then don’t identify as any of our genders, since a system made them. We would prefer you made your own gender(s) unrelated to ours.
Q: I am a P*dophile (MAP/NOMAP/etc.), can I identify as Levelgender?A: NO. FUCK OFF. NO PEDOS.
Q: I am a TERF or truscum, can I identify as Levelgender?A: NO. FUCK OFF. Why are you even here?
Q: I am anti-kin, can I identify as Levelgender?A: No. This gender was made by kinnies.

★About the Creator

m0dem.0n "modem" ★ they/them ★ 21+
A member of 0n.sys who identifies as Levelgender.

★Levelgender Flag

★Levelgender Flag w/o Darkened Colors

★Levelgender Flag w/ Alternate Darkened Colors


Original Levelgender Flag

Levelgender Flag w/o Darkened Colors

Levelgender Flag w/ Alt. Darkened Colors

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